Viewership for Escape from Tarkov on Twitch has dropped precipitously simply one week after it led Twitch with extra than 30EFT Roubles  million hours watched. 

This beyond week, Escape from Tarkov became the 1/3 most-watched sport on Twitch, however its 12.85 million hours watched changed into less than 1/2 of what the game had remaining week. 

The initial increase in viewership for Tarkov got here due in large part to in-game drops that have been made to be had to folks that watched streamers play the sport on Twitch from Dec. 30 to Jan. 5, so a dip in viewership changed into predictable. 

It wasn’t a matter of “if” Tarkov would see a drop in viewership. It become extra about how massive the dip in viewership might be as viewers who have been simplest watching for the in-sport loot stopped.

Tarkov may additionally have lost more hours watched week-over-week this beyond week than some other game even had onEscape from tarkov roubles  Twitch from Dec. 30 to Jan. 5, but the reality that it still posted the second-most hours watched of any sport at the platform shows that Tarkov isn’t going away so speedy.