There will be a great deal of Progression Events that will come with the production of the Artist. The Punika Powerpass, Hyper Express Plus, and Story Express events are going to be available for all players from March 15 to June 14, 2023. However, these run-in progression events may have the same character designation and mission periods.

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The Punika Powerpass is going to be rewarded to players upon completing Punika’s quest “Berver’s Friend” over the progression event. This will grant Level 1340 gear. With the Hyper Express Plus Event, players can decide on one character between Item Level 1340 and 1445 to participate in and earn honing materials to sneak the 1445 wall.

Story Missions may now reward things like Item Level 1340 Argos Legendary Gear to increase propel your character to greater heights. Any character containing not yet completed the “On the Border” quest from Rethamis can be a designated Story Express character.

There will probably be an upgraded log-in reward track that can support new and returning players with 15 events of rewards. To kickstart their journey through Arkesia, the rewards would include Engraving Recipe Selection Chests, Honing Material Selection Chests, plus much more.

Ark Pass Season 3 presently has additional methods for players to earn meaningful rewards simply by playing the experience. 30 Ark Pass levels are available for being progressed through and are particularly completely free. This grants a number of helpful rewards for example Pheons, honing material selection chests, a Legendary Card Pack, as well as the Chromarong Pet.

Those enthusiastic about more rewards and cosmetics can avail themselves of two premium reward tracks (Premium and Super Premium) for Royal Crystals. The Premium Ark Pass adds rewards in any respect to 30 levels alongside the free rewards, including Dark Priest Honing Material Selection Chests, the Dark Priest Warhorse Mount, and much more.

The Super Premium cheap lost ark gold Pass provides the Dark Priest skin collection, the Dark Priest Wallpaper, and also a Legendary Card Pack along the 30 levels.

Gold requirements for honing approximately Item Level 1445 happen to be removed, and definitely will now just require honing materials and Silver. Honing Success Rate, Honing Material Discounts, and Leapstone Material Discounts have been increased.