The latest version of an iconic Dwarf armor that occurs in WOTLK Classic Gold teases an addition towards the Trading Post, a Heritage Armor quest, or something like that bigger.

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World of Warcraft fans recently discovered the latest version of an old Dwarf armor set that may hint at something big coming. This new World of Warcraft armor might be involved using the Trading Post, a brand new Heritage Armor questline, or something like that even larger.

The Public Test Realm for World of Warcraft happens to be running builds of Patch 10.1, Embers of Neltharion. The World of Warcraft PTR allows players to understand more about some of the campaigns, zone, and features arriving in the new patch–and lets them check out assets and content hidden away hanging around files.

Among these assets, some World of Warcraft players discovered a new version of the classic Ironforge Guard armor, axe, and shield. Dwarf players will immediately recognize this ensemble because of the gear worn by the town guards of the racial capital of Ironforge in Dun Morogh. However, the brand new armor set appears to come in two different colorations with accompanying icons–something unusual for NPC-only equipment–as well being an HD version from the Ironforge Tabard from Wrath from the Lich King, which is not worn by guard NPCs whatsoever.

This new armor in World of Warcraft could mean a variety of things. One of the more likely scenarios is the fact that one or both of those Ironforge Guard ensembles and tabards might be added to the Trading Post afterward. This new cosmetic-collecting feature enables WoW to provide unique items according to NPC gear. It already has items themed after Night Elf Wardens and Orc Blademasters, and gear inspired by characters such as the Medivh can also be added to the Trading Post in WoW's future.

Alternatively, World of Warcraft might be planning a Dwarf Heritage Armor questline. Orcs and Humans are becoming similar quests in Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7, so it's reasonable to assume Dwarves might get one too. This armor might be a reward from this type of quest or might be worn by Dwarf NPCs during it. Alternatively, several Ironforge Guards could appear in another quest later on in Dragonflight.

Though unlikely, this Ironforge Guard armor might be a hint that the World of Warcraft world revamps are originating. Cataclysm ended 10 years old now, so another world revamp in World of Warcraft is long overdue, and could be extremely popular. While there happens to be no concrete evidence that this type of major overhaul is originating in wotlk classic gold, this new armor would easily fit in the latest version of Azeroth well.