Animal Crossing: New Horizons is prepping up for the vacations. New Winter content material is at the way with TurkeyAnimal Crossing Bells Day in November, Toy Day in December, and plenty of new sports to go together with both of them. That said, there’s some other splendid addition coming in the new content material. Players who have been trying to move Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands or resident statistics between Nintendo Switch systems will soon be able to via the new save facts switch machine coming in the subsequent update.

Nintendo found out the brand new records switch update on the respectable Animal Crossing Twitter, along with similarly information on the Animal Crossing Website. Beginning on November 19, 2020, players may be able to get entry to a loose Island Transfer tool. Despite its name, gamers will now be capable of transfer both their island and their resident facts over to a new Nintendo Switch gadget in which it will be completely playable simply the way it turned into formerly. It’s a miles asked and long awaited characteristic for folks who might also have gotten new Switches, however had no way of moving their Animal Crossing: New Horizons development among them.

Previously, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons update 1.4.Zero, Nintendo had activated Island cloud saving and facts restoration services for the game, in case something catastrophic occurred and also you had to get your island again, so it felt like shop records transfer was best a count of time. ThatACNH Bells stated, it’s fantastic to eventually see complete affirmation of it and ought to make moving between systems with Animal Crossing: New Horizons even more worry-loose.