The new Fresh Start Realms in Classic WoW's Wrath in the Lich King present an interesting solution to revisit Azeroth. Here's all that you should know.

The rumors that Classic: WOTLK Classic Gold is going to be progressing for the Wrath in the Lich King expansion are already confirmed. It will not be much like the days of yore, however, with fans hyper-sensitive about an "authentic" Classic experience and Blizzard still as greedy and ruthless about profits of course.

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Where could the middle ground involve the fans as well as the profit margins on this massive-multiplayer online role-playing game? One possible answer might be the "Fresh Start" servers that Blizzard is preparing to launch as part of the Wrath from the Lich King expansion. Here are a few important facts that players know until now.

Coming In With The Pre-Patch

The Fresh Start realms usually are meant to let players level in planning from Northrend, that's for players level 70 or over. This means that the revolutionary continent it's still locked when these realms open, all of which will remain so before the expansion is officially released.

Blizzard's intention looks like it's that players will level characters in Old Azeroth and Outland prior to taking them in the market to Northrend. How much time players will likely be given to accomplish this process remains to appear. The game is supposed for casual users, all things considered, even so, the hardcore, sweaty types that speed-level inside of hours also need to get some love, as well as the idea of Fresh Start servers has to be a true test of player mettle.

Everyone Starts At Level One

That means everybody. This is a server with virtually no boosts, apart from the ones that players can arrange to make use of their higher-level friends or guild as if it was many years ago. There will not be anything obtainable in the WoW store for getting around this method, either, at least that's what the organization says.

MMORPGs Perfect For Newcomers To The Genre

Every single character on every Fresh Start realm was rolled there and leveled there. Blizzard intends how the mix of old and new players will deliver each server an increased enough population that leveling in a very more conventional way, for example running dungeons or stalking elite enemies, will never be so difficult.